Faith Formation

Faith Formation Programs

Our Faith Formation programs are listed below individually.  We wish to state here that there is a misconception of what Faith Formation is. Most people think it is just a children’s program to teach them the basic Catechism. This is not true. Faith Formation is for everyone, and our programs are broken down into three categories: Children (grades 1 through 8), Youth (high school) and Adult

The goal of Faith Formation is to teach each group the basics of our faith in a manner that will promote personal growth. We realize that, as individuals grow in faith, it is taken out into our Parish and our community, showing Christian morals and values by the way they live. Therefore, we believe that our Faith Formation program has the potential of changing our community.

Faith Formation

For questions concerning Faith Formation, please contact Ms. Patty Peck-Faketty (906-644-7105)

We are always in need of volunteers to help teach at this level. Helping children grow in faith and learn solid moral beliefs is truly a blessing to behold. Please consider this ministry.

To sign up your children or to volunteer to help with the program, please contact the Parish Office (906-341-5355).

Adult Faith Formation

There is no specific schedule set for Adult Faith Formation. Therefore you need to check the bulletin to see what is being offered throughout the year.  Father Ben will  offer us a program on various topics throughout the school year. Bible Studies are ongoing.  For more information, please call Mary Desjarden (906-341-3545).  Please refer to "Events" for further information as it becomes available.