Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Individual Spiritual Growth is what we are all about, so we offer many items in this category – some to help us in times of need, some to enhance our personal relationship with God, and some just to help deepen our knowledge of God. 

Some ministries and/or groups that absolutely help one’s spiritual growth are not listed here because they are listed under different ministry titles.  For example, check out “Faith Formation” for formal teaching tools. Or check out “Outreach & Prayer” for opportunities to gather in prayer or for individual “at home” prayer.

Below you will find other methods of spiritual growth.  But if you don’t see what you are looking for, call our Parish Office (906-341-535).  We will find a way to meet your need.

Life in the Spirit Seminars

This seminar is offered yearly and is a great way to come to know the Holy Spirit, and to recognize how the Holy Spirit moves in your life.  Through the Holy Spirit, we grow closer to the Trinity and become more enabled to bring God to others.  If you want a more personal relationship with God, this is highly recommended.

The Seminar is put on by members of the Remnant of God Charismatic Prayer Group.

For more information, please call John Villemure (906-341-5046).


This is a retreat held at Marygrove Retreat Center in Garden, MI that we highly recommend. We have many parishioners who have made this retreat, and they all agree that it really helps you draw nearer to Christ, and it gives you the tools to bring Christ to others in your life. The Roman Catholic Cursillo is held every fall, and the non-Roman Catholic one is in February/March.  For further information, call Marygrove Retreat Center (906-644-2771), Mary Desjarden (906-341-3545) or Nancy Krusic (906-341-4301).


Koinonia is a powerful retreat similar to Cursillo, being held throughout the Upper Peninsula at local Parishes, rather than at a retreat center.   (It’s probably the only retreat that comes to you!)  Koinonia is a method to learn more about God and to deepen your relationship with Him.  It meets your spiritual needs and enhances your spiritual journey. There is no set schedule for this wonderful retreat, so for more information, please contact Ellen Flynn (906 341-0031), John Villemure (906-341-5046) or Diana Nelson (906-202-2923).


We are extremely blessed to have Marygrove Retreat Center just a half hour away from us. It is such a holy place! Going on a retreat is an awesome way to spend some quiet time with the Lord. Get away and rest awhile in His presence.  For information on all the many variety of retreats they offer, contact Marygrove at 906-644-2771 or visit their web site by going to the top of this page, click on "Links" and go down to Marygrove's name and click on it.

We highly recommend our Parish Retreat which is held yearly. It is shared with other parishes and the topic differs each year. Marygrove sets the date for our Parish Retreat, so contact them for the next opportunity.

Whatever your interests – whatever your needs – Marygrove offers a retreat to meet them and bless you.